44 Million
Largest Country: Australia
26 Million

Oceania Overview

Trends in Oceania

Oceania is the world’s smallest region and includes countries and territories with a wide range of fertility levels and population growth rates. It includes only three countries with a population of one million or more: Australia, Papua New Guinea, and New Zealand.

Oceania’s population is projected to increase 52% by 2050—to 66 million, up from 44 million in 2022. Australia, which accounts for 59% of the region’s current population, is the source for most of this projected growth (65%). Oceania’s total fertility rate is 2.1, though it ranges greatly among countries and territories, from 1.7 in Australia and French Polynesia and 1.6 in New Zealand to 4.7 in Samoa and 4.0 in Solomon Islands. The region is home to some of the world’s youngest areas and some of its oldest. In Samoa, Solomon Islands, Nauru, and Vanuatu, nearly 40% of people are under age 15. In Australia and New Zealand, 19% of the population is under age 15 and 17% and 16% are ages 65 and older, respectively.


Oceania Population, mid-2022

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